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Dark nights are here to stay for a while, the temperature has dropped and four seasons in one day has become a frequent fixture on the calendar yet again.  We are all familiar with winter checks for our vehicles, changing over to winter tyres, we’ve put the foldable snow shovel in the boot along with a blanket and something to eat and drink just in case we’re stuck somewhere on a winters night. These preparations are the norm and can be lifesaving but have you given your home a winter check this year?

Spending just an hour winter-checking your home, you can save time, hassle and money by avoiding common winter emergencies such as frozen pipes and boiler issues.

Quick Check Guide

  • Check pipes have adequate insulation
  • Check windows and doors for draughts and draughtproof where necessary
  • Bleed radiators to improve efficiency
  • Check your loft insulation – is it up to standard?
  • Are you able to get to the water stop value if you need to quickly and easily?  Check it works!
  • Put any garden furniture and hanging baskets away
  • Check for broken or loose roof tiles
  • Check for cracks in external walls
  • Check outside lights are working
  • Check drains and gutters are clear and free from debris

Have your chimney swept and ensure your boiler is regularly serviced by a qualified engineer.  Top-up oil or LPG now and try to avoid buying extra during the coldest months when increased demand pushes up prices.

Throughout the winter keep your family and home warm, especially if you are aged over 65yrs, have young children or suffer from a health condition.  If you are planning to go away to catch some winter sun remember to set your heating to come on for at least 1hr a day.

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful wintery festive season.