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Looking to sell your house as quickly as possible and for the best possible price?  Check out our easy 5 step process below.

Taking care of your back yard like a pro

Step 1.

First impressions count;

  • Weed the driveway and footpath
  • Clean those windows and your front door
  • Clear any rubbish from your garden and cut the grass
  • Pop a plant at the front door, a small conifer, etc – you can take it with you when you move!

Step 2.

Depersonalize your home.  Pack as many personal items such as family photographs, ornaments, fridge magnets, kid’s toys away now.  This will let potential buyers imagine themselves and their families living in your property.

Step 3.

Declutter.  Think about what you want to take with you when you move.  Consider storage facilities for items of furniture you wish to take with you but don’t ‘need’ now and anything else donate to charity or take to your local refuse site.  Decluttering will make each room look more spacious and allows potential buyers to picture their own furniture and belongings in each room.

Step 4.

Redecorating is generally not recommended as buyers like to put their own touch to a new home but that said, if you have a teenager with a black bedroom or maybe a purple kitchen it might be worthwhile considering painting with a neutral colour as light as possible to make the property more attractive.

Step 5.

The final step in preparing your house is to have a spring clean, rid those corners of cobwebs and clean any integrated kitchen appliances thoroughly.  Try to keep on top of the cleaning from then on so you are prepared for potential buyers to view your property – saving you that mad dash around the home before they arrive!