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You’ve sold your home and you’re packing up ready for the move, boxes everywhere, bubble wrap and tape at the ready.  Packing done, the removal van has arrived and it’s all systems go.  But wait, what about your mail?  You have arranged everything except redirecting your mail.  We’ve all done it, some of us learn from previous experience, others are still learning (I’m still learning).  I, therefore, decided that if I wrote down a process it might help me in the future, I just need to remember that I wrote this blog first thou.

So here it goes, my advice on how to change your address, “before you move”.

  1. Have a pen and pad at the ready/mobile phone or download the checklist at the bottom of the page.
  2. When mail is received take a note of who it’s from and their contact details, or create an album on your mobile phone and take a picture of the letter (it will help if your photos are backed to a cloud, etc, we wouldn’t want to break or lose our phone with all this gathered info stored on it, that would be a nightmare).
  3. Take a note of all online contacts that you use for online shopping, i.e. Amazon, eBay, Tesco, etc.
  4. Download Change of Address checklist (see link below).  This will help you keep track of who you have contacted.
  5. Phone/email everyone on your list/photo album to update your new address details.  Mark each one off your checklist as you go. 
  6. Set up a redirection with Royal Mail, although there is a charge for this service, it is worth doing in case there is any mail that has been missed.  A minimum of 5 days is required to arrange the redirection.