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9th August 2023
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Moving home with children can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be, try to think of it as a great adventure. By following a few simple tips, you can make the transition to rural life in the Scottish Highlands as smooth as possible for everyone involved.


Start planning early. The earlier you start planning your move, the more time you'll have to get everything organised.

Involve your children in the planning process. This will help them to feel more in control of the situation and make them more likely to cooperate. Let them help you pack their belongings and choose their new bedroom.

Be honest with your children about the move. Explain to them why you're moving and what to expect.

Explain that even though they're leaving their old home behind, they'll be making new friends and memories in their new home.

Help your children to say goodbye to their old home. Take some time to let them say goodbye to their friends, neighbours, and teachers. This will help them to process the change and make it easier for them to move on.


Once you’ve moved to your new home explore what’s on your doorstep together.

Encourage them to make new friends. Sign them up for new activities or clubs, or take them to places where they can meet other children their age.

Visit their new school with them, meet their new teachers, and help them to get settled in.


If you’re thinking about moving with young children to the north Highlands contact Monster Moves.  By living and working in our local communities we’ve a great understanding of community facilities, schooling and activities and we’re always happy to share our knowledge of our area.

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