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29th March 2024
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Selling your home in Scotland can be an exciting time, but navigating conversations with an estate agent might involve some less-than-comfortable questions. At Monster Moves we understand that transparency is key, so we're here to shed light on those sometimes-tricky topics.

Why Are You Selling?

This seemingly straightforward question can unearth a range of emotions. Moving can be due to happy life events like starting a family or a new job, or it could be due to difficult situations like downsizing or divorce. Knowing the reason why your selling helps us to target the right audience, but when it is for reasons such as separation/divorce, probate or if you are not the owner of the property but have legal guardianship/power of attorney we have specific procedures we need to follow.  

What price are you hoping to achieve?

This might seem straightforward, but it gets to the heart of your expectations. We can provide market data and comparable listings, but ultimately, setting a realistic price in line with the home report is crucial to attracting serious buyers and achieving a smooth sale.

Are There Any Known Issues with the Property?

This is crucial to avoid legal complications later. Disclosing issues like structural problems, past renovations without consent, or boundary disputes ensures transparency for all and a smooth transaction.

Will you be making any repairs before the sale?

While some wear and tear is expected, some repairs may deter buyers. We can advise on repairs that offer the best return on investment and increase the property's appeal.

Are you open to viewings at short notice?  Flexibility with viewings is key. The more accommodating you are, the faster potential buyers can make a decision. We can help you manage the viewing process effectively.

Remember, these questions are asked with your best interests in mind. By providing honest answers, you enable us to create a strong selling strategy and achieve the best possible outcome for your property.  We will always aim to provide you with a great service in a supportive manner.

Here at Monster Moves, we believe in clear communication and a collaborative approach. We'll guide you through every step of the process, making even those uncomfortable questions feel manageable. So, when the time comes to sell your home, don't be surprised if we ask these questions. Consider them a sign of our commitment to getting you the best possible result.

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